Vancon Services, Inc.

Commercial and Residential
Construction and Demo

Projects overview

Residential Demolition

Complete demolition of residence burned by Fort McMurray wildfire.

Gas Station Tank Excavation

20 foot excavation needed to replace outdated tanks with new up to date ones.

Septic Tank Installation

Installing and insulating septic tanks.

Excavator and Gravel Truck Backfill

JBC2200 in the process of backfilling excavation for tank replacements.


Allied Hoe Pack in action

Beginning of Gas Station Tank Replacement

Start of of tank excavation before replacement.

Concrete Pour

Pouring concrete with our large pump.

Our Trucks

Our two Volvo trucks. These trucks are absolute workhorses, and ready to go at a moments notice.

Gas Statation Tank Replacement

Replaced outdated tanks with two new zed CL fuel tanks..

Last added projects

Commercial Finish Demo and Excavations

Demo and Excavation

Our JCB Excavator ripping through ice to perform repairs on a foundation that has been frozen over.

Septic system with lines backfilled with gravel. No other contractor is this meticulous with their installations.

Newly installed Oil and Water Seperator.